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Mattress Easca

Mattress Easca

Essential Mattress Info

Mattress Type
Memory foam
Other Sizes Available?

Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights)
Warranty Length (years)

Firmness Options

One Firmness Fits All?
Adjustable Firmness
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Firmness Info

The Easca is a medium-firm mattress, about a 6 to 7 on the firmness scale. Research indicates this firmness is preferred by the majority of sleepers and is best for relieving back, shoulder and neck pain. The Easca is suitable for sleepers of any position. It is also ideal for sleepers of any size or weight - as the foam reacts to support you based on the amount of pressure your body exerts on these luxury foams.

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview

The Easca Mattress is a three layer construction of the following high-quality, high performance foams:

  • 5cm Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam (Easca Gel Foam™)
  • 5cm Supportive Foam
  • 15cm High-Density Foam.

Comfort Info

Easca uses a smart cooling system because sleeping hot can be a big problem. The Easca Gel Foam™ teams up with the open-air second layer to promote airflow and disperse any heat.

Support Info

Patented Easca Gel Foam™ is paired with two additional luxurious support layers that form the perfect foundation and bounce for our mattress.
The three layers work together to reduce tossing and turning and limit motion transfer - so you will barely notice if your sleeping partner moves throughout the night.

Comfort Specs

The top comfort layer is infused with cooling gel. These gel particles react to keep you cool through the night.
The middle transition layer is an open air technology that makes it more breathable than traditional memory foam which promotes airflow.

Support Specs

The supportive foam used in the transitional second layer contours to your body and offers pressure point relief.
The base layer of high-density foam is ideal for supporting the natural alignment of your spine, helping to relieve any back, neck and shoulder issues.

Fabric Specs

Easca is wrapped in a cool to the touch and soft on the skin and designed with a seamless edge to maximise air flow and comfort. This is woven from a single piece of viscose and polyester blend fabric.

Manufactured in


Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers

Size & Weight

UK Single
UK Single Dimensions
190 x 90 x 25 cm
UK Single Weight (kg)
UK Double
UK Double Dimensions
190 x 135 x 25 cm
UK Double Weight (kg)
UK King
UK King Dimensions
200 x 150 x 25 cm
UK King Weight (kg)
UK Super King
UK Super King Dimensions
200 x 180 x 25 cm
UK Super King Weight (kg)


Delivery Cost
Delivery Info

The Easca is usually delivered within 3 to 5 working days within the island of Ireland. Delivery is direct from the Dublin manufacturers via Aerly Bird Transport.